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Ukraine announced! 200,000 Ukrainians are back for war!

Breaking news… Ukraine has been trying to repulse Russia’s attacks since February 24. Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov announced on the 16th day of the attacks that more civilians than Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives.

Minister Reznikov said, “Dear Ukrainians, our resistance against the Russian occupation has been going on for two weeks. No one in the world believed that we would resist and survive, that we would endure for a long time. Now we are not only defensive, but also in the offensive position. “I would like to thank all our protectors and health personnel,” he said.


According to the breaking news in the UAV, Reznikov said, “Now I will talk to you about what happened and how this war will be won. First of all, the Russians started to fight terrorists. They act like cowardly criminals. They kill the women and children they take captive.

In terms of the situation, the civilian citizens who died in the war are more than all our defense and security elements (soldiers, police, gendarmerie). I want this to be heard not only in Ukraine, but all over the world. “The Kremlin is hitting schools, hospitals and maternity homes,” he said.


“Moscow is not protecting anyone,” Reznikov said.


Reznikov said, “We have the lists and they will be sent to the necessary places. No one will go unpunished for what they have done to the world and Ukraine. As the country’s administration, we are trying to protect the lives of our people. Humanitarian corridors are opened and evacuations are provided from the cities. We are doing our best even though we know that the Russians will not keep their word.”


Reznikov pointed out that more than 200 thousand Ukrainian citizens living in Europe have returned to the country for the defense of the country and that military equipment such as helmets and steel vests are on the way, and said, “Secondly, we are working to strengthen our army. I will not comment on the weapons received. Tens of thousands of helmets, steel vests and health equipment are coming to Ukraine. “We have as much fuel as our army needs, but we are still adding to our reserves,” he said.


Reznikov said, “Thirdly, I said that more than 100 thousand Ukrainians voluntarily joined the local defense teams. More than 200 thousand of our citizens returned to our country to take part in the defense of the country. Apart from this, we also have foreign troops. “Keep in touch, do not get lost. You are needed by the country. We will defeat Russia with our determination, not with our numbers.”


Stating that some of the Ukrainian lands will be mined, Reznikov also referred to the dire situation of the Russian economy and said, “Fourth, the issue of economy. The war is affecting the state of the country. The harvest will be less this year. Because we have to not only protect our lands from the enemy, but also lay mines on our lands. We will quickly put back everything that was destroyed after the war. Fifth, international sanctions are hitting Russia’s economy. Our army is doing everything so that there are no supporters of war among the Russians. We should evaluate the situation from the perspective of realism. We are approaching victory. Instead of trying to survive, we have to get used to new living conditions. There are many examples of this in different parts of the world. We are a new example for Europe and the world. “Keep resisting, keep moving forward to victory, long live Ukraine,” he said.

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