Leukemia patient breathes thanks to immune plasma

Leukemia patient caught in Covid-19 breathed thanks to immune plasma

Kenan Kurtulmaz, who caught Covid-19, remained in quarantine at his home in Elazig for 10 days under the control of a doctor. Kurtulmaz, whose condition worsened, had involvement in his lungs and had difficulty breathing because the oxygen level in his blood was too low, applied to Malatya İnönü University Turgut Özal Medical Center, where he was treated for leukemia.

Kurtulmaz, who was treated here, received plasma transplantation in the Stem Cell and Apheresis Unit, which performed the second immune plasma transplantation in the world and the first in Turkey.

After the immune plasma given to the patient twice, the oxygen level in Kurtulmaz’s blood increased to the level of a healthy person, the involvement in the lungs was eliminated, and the infection values ​​decreased.


Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center Stem Cell and Apheresis Unit Responsible Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Erkurt explained that Kurtulmaz has chronic lymphocytic leukemia and that they treated him with chemotherapy.

Stating that the patient living in Elazig caught Covid-19 while he was at home and applied to them when his condition worsened, Erkurt stated that the immunity of leukemia patients is low, therefore Kovid-19 spreads faster in these patients.

Mentioning that they were the first center to perform immune plasma transplantation after China in the Covid-19 epidemic, Erkurt noted that immune plasma was widely used in Turkey at first, but it has been forgotten recently.

Pointing out that it has been scientifically proven that immune plasma is very useful in low-immunity and high-risk groups, Erkurt said that they also used this experience in Karakurt.

Stating that they observed the patient after giving immune plasma for two days in a row, Erkurt said: “When he arrived, he had difficulty breathing. Oxygen saturation fell to 77. He was almost unconscious. Both lungs were completely affected by Covid-19. After giving immune plasma. “We saw that the oxygen saturation increased to 95-96, the general condition of the patient recovered completely, and his breathing improved almost completely. The risk of death disappeared. We saw that the rate of infection in the blood was 28 at the time of admission to the hospital, and decreased to 7.”


Stating that they applied immune plasma therapy in 30 high-risk patients and achieved successful results, Erkurt said, “My suggestion is that immune plasma is an effective treatment, especially in the low-immune and high-risk groups. We saw this in our patient as well, and our doctors also provided immune plasma from the Red Crescent. I recommend it to be used in the high-risk group at an early stage,” he said.

Stating that Kenan Kurtulmaz’s Covid-19 test is still positive, Erkurt added that it may take a month for the tests of such patients to become negative.


Kenan Kurtulmaz, on the other hand, explained that his leukemia treatment continues, and his condition worsened when he caught Covid-19.

Kurtulmaz said, “I came back from the dead. I came here, thank God, I was saved thanks to my teacher. I am fine now, thank God, I have recovered.”

Kurtulmaz’s wife, Nahide Kurtulmaz, also thanked the doctors of Turgut Özal Medical Center.

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