Instant notification… Russian air raid notification to Android phones!

It will instantly report the air strike!

US internet giant Google announced new decisions taken within the scope of the Russia-Ukraine war. Accordingly, Google will instantly notify Android users in Ukraine of possible air strikes against the country.


In the statement made with the signature of Kent Walker, the head of global relations of Google and its umbrella organization Alphabet, in line with the request of the Ukrainian government. It is stated that an instant “Air Raid Alerts” system is available for Android phones in Ukraine.

In the statement, “Tragically, millions of people in Ukraine now rely on air raid warnings to get to safety. At the request and assistance of the Ukrainian government, we have started rolling out a fast Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine. “This work complements the country’s existing air raid warning systems and builds on the alerts already issued by the Ukrainian government.”


Kent Walker, in his blog post titled “Helping Ukraine”, summarized the latest steps taken by Google as follows:

“Our threat analysis group (TAG) focuses on the security of our users in Ukraine and the surrounding region to help them access and share important information. TAG observed the activities of a number of threat actors that they regularly monitor and are well known to law enforcement. Earlier this week, we shared more information about these threats to help raise awareness among high-risk users.”


“We continue to work to significantly limit recommendations globally to a number of Russian state-funded media outlets across our platforms. In Europe, we are removing apps in Russian state-sponsored media from Google Play, except RT and Sputnik. We excluded RT and Sputnik from our search results in the European Union.”

“Following our announcement last week that we are pausing Google ads in Russia, we have paused the vast majority of our business activities in Russia, including payments. We can say that our free services such as search, Gmail and YouTube still work in Russia. We will continue to follow developments closely.”

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