Building the world’s largest rooftop SPP

Tosyalı Holding, which has reduced its carbon emissions by 30 percent with over 100 R&D projects carried out in the last 2-3 years in the field of sustainability, today produces pipes with the lowest carbon footprint in the sector at Tosçelik facilities, one of the group companies.

According to the statement made by the company, the rooftop solar power plant that Tosyalı Holding had previously installed at the production facilities of Tosçelik Profil and Sac, one of the group companies, in Osmaniye, was counted among the top five rooftop solar power plants in the world. The Holding will be a role model for many industrial companies in the world by raising the bar even higher with its new solar energy project and breaking its own record.

Stating that sustainability is the most important agenda item of Tosyalı Holding, Tosyalı Holding Chairman of the Board Fuat Tosyalı said: “As Tosyalı Holding, we have been conducting all our activities with the focus of sustainability for many years. For us, our main agenda item will be sustainability in the next 5 years. Being one of the steel producers, we want to be a company that contributes to the construction of a more sustainable life by presenting good examples in this regard. If everything continues under the current conditions, in the future there will be no planet where we can neither do our work nor survive. Of course, we can always increase our capacities somehow. But our “The important thing is to be able to produce works that are friendly to nature and the environment, provide benefits for the society and increase welfare, and leave a livable world to future generations,” he said.


Expressing that this investment includes many firsts, Fuat Tosyalı said; “Our Tosyalı Roof SPP project, which has been implemented with the world’s most advanced technology and advanced assembly technique, will not only be the world’s largest installed power in its field, but also the rooftop solar power plant with the highest annual production in the world, with an annual production of 250 million Kw/h. In this way, 116,525,000 kg of carbon emissions will be prevented and the cleanest steel production in the world will be realized. It was also implemented at a lower cost compared to its counterparts,” he said.

Fuat Tosyalı stated that their goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels to the lowest possible level; In line with this strategy, he mentioned that they will start to use hydrogen instead of fossil fuels in iron and steel production, a first in Turkey in the coming period, and said, “We will use some of the electricity we will obtain from the SPP we have established for these hydrogen-oriented processes. This investment will be an important milestone on the way to our zero carbon target. We are happy to work with our valuable business partners Huawei and SolarApex on this project.”

The solution partners of this project of Tosyalı Holding, which made a worldwide impact, were Huawei, the largest global supplier of smart products in the field of solar energy, and SolarAPEX, one of the leading players of the sector in our country, in turnkey solar power plant installation services.


Expressing his thoughts about the cooperation, Huawei Turkey CEO Mr. Li Jing said, “We support Turkey’s global steel producer Tosyalı Holding, the world’s largest rooftop solar power plant project. As a corporate citizen of Turkey, we do our best for green transformation and contribute to our country’s achieving its zero carbon target. I am also happy that the timing of this important project coincides with Huawei’s 20th anniversary in Turkey. Huawei Turkey has created a strong corporate structure in 20 years by supporting the development of information technologies and green energy in our country. With this cooperation, we are more confident in creating more value for Turkey together,” he said.

Fatih Doğan, General Manager of SolarAPEX, who is the director of the project, said, “Tosyalı Holding will produce the greenest steel in the world with this project, which will set an example to the whole world and will reach a total installed power of 140 MW. In such a project, SolarAPEX is Tosyalı’s solution partner. “It is a unique experience to be a part of our company. We will work with all our strength to complete this project successfully in the planned time with our experience in solar energy systems installations and our experienced staff.”

In the project, SolarAPEX used the ‘purlin connection’ technique, which is a unique and advanced assembly technique that is rarely seen in terms of engineering. The panels were installed entirely from scratch on a specially designed steel carrier system produced for the ‘Tosyalı Solar Power Plant’. With this method, the solar energy system placed on the roof will provide the opportunity to produce more efficient energy in all conditions.

On the other hand, the most advanced technology panels are used in the project. In addition to these panels, which provide more efficiency in less space, thanks to Huawei’s new generation inverters used in the project, in case of an electrical hazard, the current will be cut off within 0.2 ms, thus keeping the safety at the highest level. The purlin connection technique applied in the installation and the use of state-of-the-art materials will also make this project a rooftop solar power plant installed with the world’s newest technology.


The power plants whose installations have been completed in the project will be commissioned as they are planned and completed in stages. The first phase of the project with 85 MW power will be completed in a short period of 7 months. The entire 140 MW project will be completed in April 2023.

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