884 million dollars revenue from textile in February

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports increased by 25.4 percent in February compared to the same month of the previous year, amounting to 20 billion dollars. With the said value, the highest February exports of all time were reached.

In the January-February period of this year, exports increased by 21.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 37.6 billion dollars. The annualized export value increased to 231.9 billion dollars.

The textile and raw materials sector, which made an export of 745 million dollars in February last year, reached 884 million dollars in the same period of this year with an increase of 18.7 percent.

A portion of 355.6 million dollars of the sector’s exports last month was made in Istanbul. Istanbul was followed by Gaziantep with 143.4 million dollars and Bursa with 102.5 million dollars.


In the textile and raw materials sector, Italy was the country with the highest export volume last month, with 97.7 million dollars. Italy was followed by Belarus with 43.3 million dollars and Spain with 44 million dollars.

Looking at the country groups to which the most exports were made last month, EU countries ranked first with 393.3 million dollars, African countries ranked second with 115.3 million dollars, and the Commonwealth of Independent States ranked third with 105.3 million dollars.

Exporting to 166 countries and regions in February, the textile and raw materials sector received a 4.4 percent share of the country’s total exports in the same period.

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