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‘Volunteer warrior’ and ‘positive conversation’ message from Putin

“There is a positive change in talks with Ukraine,” said Russian President Putin. Putin also gave a message to the West about sanctions, ““Sanctions don’t hurt us, they just make us stronger,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered that “volunteer fighters” from the Middle East who will take part in the Russian side will be transported to the conflict zones in Ukraine.

At the start of his online Security Council meeting, Putin listened to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu’s report describing the situation in Ukraine.


Noting that 16,000 “volunteers”, most of them from the Middle East, applied to fight against the Ukrainian army, Shoigu said, “We find it right to respond positively, especially since these demands are not for money but for the desires of these people. We know many of them, they have helped in the fight against the terrorist organization DAESH at the most difficult time in the last decade.” used the phrases.

Stating that there are uncontrolled arms deliveries to Ukraine from all sides, Shoigu offered to transfer the weapons, ammunition and military vehicles left over from the Ukrainian forces to the so-called separatist administrations.

Stating that the West uses the situation to deploy new troops to Russia’s western borders every day, although they are not in danger, Shoigu said, “Based on this, the General Staff is developing a plan to move combat units there to strengthen and protect our western borders.” said.

Putin: “Middle Eastern volunteer fighters will be helped to go to conflict zones”

In his speech, Putin said that mercenaries from all over the world came to Ukraine, Ukraine’s Western supporters, the Kyiv administration did not hide this, ignoring all the norms of international law, saying that “volunteer fighters” who will come from the Middle East and will take their place on the Russian side in the conflict in Ukraine. ordered their delivery to the region.

“Therefore, if you see people who want to come voluntarily and help people living in Donbas, especially not for money, it is necessary to welcome them and help them get to the conflict zone,” Putin said. he said.

Expressing that he supports the idea of ​​giving the Western-made weapons, which were seized by the Russian army by Ukraine, to the so-called separatist administrations, Putin said that a separate assessment is needed regarding the strengthening of Russia’s western borders and the actions taken by NATO countries in this direction, and that is why he requested a separate report.



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